"Rick and Morty" releases would never be complete without fans impatiently waiting for announcements either from Adult Swim or the show’s creator, Justin Roiland and his side pal Dan Harmon. That’s why even the slightest of information or teaser available brings everyone to an ecstatic frenzy.

Not so long ago, the first episode of "Rick and Morty" season 3 surprisingly dropped last April Fool’s Day. Those who watched the episode 1 debut were at their happiest. Those who were left out and those who chose to ignore the news schemed on how to get back to the series’ cunning creators.

And now, with just eleven days left before July kicks off — the presumptive release date of season 3 — "Rick and Morty" fans are gearing up and excited as ever, according to the Christian Post.

However, there are some rumors that threaten to cut in on the fun, with word that the show may be delayed again. Of course, the reports are based clearly on assumptions due to the lack of an announcement — that’s not enough to prove that a delay is plausible.

Staying positive remains the key since Justin and Dan are notorious in making fun of their fans.

Most especially when they are aware that anytime they drop episode 2, people will still be there to find and watch it. The fans need "Rick and Morty" more than the series need them.

Here’s a quick recap to want went on in "The Rickshank Rickdemption."

Pink Taco multiverse

This multiverse is actually a slang phrase referring to women’s sexual organ.

The focal point of this reference came about from Morty’s desire to do the thing with Jessica after learning that she called it quits with her ex-boyfriend.

Morty’s character went passive by the end of the first episode. This signals that the director is trying to sway audience’s attention from the young boy supposing that a major plot is set to unfold for his character – the Evil Morty.

The evolution of Bird Person

Bird Person’s return to the series is one happy occasion but his re-awakening as Phoenix Person flares up the twisted storyline of the series. With Morty on the sideline, Rick takes over the limelight intruding the Intergalactic Federation and bombing his way out.

However, he failed to save his friend from Tammy. She’s now considered the de facto leader of the Galactic Forces and made the old Bird Person her puppet. The face-off between the former BFFs may highlight the season 3 plot.

Known for making parodies of iconic movies, episode 2, "Rickmancing the Stone," may adopt the OB1-Anakin Skywalker hostility from "Star Wars." Rick will either bring back his friend’s humanity or he could kill him if he’s actually been dead all this time.