Sam Morgan has been seeing things that are not really there. For weeks now she has been having auditory and visual hallucinations. Viewers of "General Hospital" have been wondering if Sam was dealing with Post Partum Depression, or if the curse of Helena Cassadine was in effect. Spoiler alerts indicate that Sam's behavior is the result of a Brain Tumor.

Sam's strange behavior

For some time now Sam has been behaving strangely. She is getting cranky with people including her mother. When Alexis suggested a massage Sam took her up on it. Each time the masseuse began his work Sam started hearing voices so she left before he could finish.

While talking with Elizabeth Weber Sam imagined that Liz had pulled a gun on her. Twice she saw blood running down her husband Jason's face when nothing was wrong with him. Viewers have speculated that "Sweet Sam" was being manipulated by the curse that Helena Cassadine placed on her.

The curse of Helena Cassadine

Before her death, Helena placed a curse on Sam by telling her that neither she, her parents, or children would ever be happy. Shortly after Helena's death, Sam's stepson Jake caused her to fall down the basement stairs. Recently, Costa, one of Helena's henchmen, sent Jake a box with a magic kit inside. It was supposed to have been a gift from Jake's cousin Spencer. The box held the Chimera which was a biotoxin.

Jake began to see Helena through hallucinations, and she was telling him to use it.

Jake's family talked him out of unleashing the Chimera and it was later destroyed. Last week, Costa was apprehended and taken to jail, so it seems that there is always a reminder of Helena lurking and keeping the curse fresh in Sam's mind.

The brain tumor will cause numerous problems for Sam on 'General Hospital'

Spoiler alerts indicate that the brain tumor will cause numerous problems for Sam on "General Hospital." She will begin acting out and become very aggressive before it is diagnosed. Sam will even shoot her husband's best friend Sonny Corinthos. At the end of this dark road, however, will be forgiveness.

Sam and Jason do not fully believe that Franco committed his crimes because of a brain tumor. Now Sam will find out firsthand and be in a position to understand Franco. Perhaps this is what it will take for Sam and Jason to let go of the bitterness and anger they feel toward Franco on "GH." This will be an interesting storyline to watch unfold.