The events that we've been waiting for throughout "Reign" Season 4 are finally happening. After the death of Rizzio last week (not happy, but knew it had to happen), Mary is seeking justice and revenge. She will finally go up against her conspirators and that includes her husband, Lord Darnley. Let's break down the trailer for "A Bride. A Box. A Body."

Will this be the end of Darnley?

Those who know their Scottish history will know that Lord Darnley doesn't have long left. He has to die at some point, potentially murdered under the orders of Mary, Queen of Scots.

It is possible that this will happen during this episode, or left open to suggest his murder by the end of it. After all, there are just two episodes left after this episode and Mary still has to marry Bothwell, lose her throne, and escape to England. That's a lot to cover in just the series finale.

Will Elizabeth's affair with Gideon be shared?

Elizabeth has always been known as the Virgin Queen, but "Reign" has made it clear that may not necessarily be true. While on the outside she was viewed as a virgin, it is possible she had love affairs behind closed doors. The latest love affair is with Gideon, but now that is becoming an issue. The Archduke wants to marry her and has given her an ultimatum.

She either sends Gideon away or he leaves her.

This week will see Elizabeth's world turned upside down. We're not quite sure what that means, but it is possible that her love affairs are rumored around the court. Too many people are learning the truth about their supposed Virgin Queen.

What happens in France?

So far, nothing has been shared about the events in France for "Reign" Season 4, episode 14.

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This has been a relatively predictable plot, as Henri fights his brother Charles for the throne. Catherine and Narcisse will likely do everything possible to continue protecting Charles, knowing that should he abdicate he will lose his life. However, Nicole has now found out about Narcisse's true feelings for her and will likely be plotting some revenge.

It should also be about time for Claude to reappear. Will she and Luke be able to move forward, despite him realizing that she wants to run away with Leith? Will Claude admit that actually, she's falling in love with Luke?

"Reign" Season 4 has just three episodes left. For the bones of the story to work, this week will have to see Darnley murdered--or at least Mary orders his murder (if that's the storyline the show is sticking to). Other than that, anything could happen within the English and French courts.