On the next episode of "General Hospital," Ava Jerome (Maura West) will face Sonny Corinthos' (Maurice Benard) wrath. She is in a state of intolerable pain because of her burns. However, this is incomparable to what she might suffer when Sonny comes and brings her death.

Life at risk

Ava caused herself harm and burned 50 percent of her body in a fire. While she is now in a terrible condition, "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Sonny can't just forgive her easily. It can be recalled that Ava switched the pills of Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig).

This is the reason why, his brother Sonny, is in her hospital room. Sonny wants to confront her about what she had done to his brother. In addition to her agony from the burn, Ava receives a threat from Sonny. He threatens her that if ever she survives her present state, she will still face death from his fury.

Although things are getting more complicated, Ava's hope for survival will not be totally lost. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), her attending physician, will come to her rescue. Just about the time Sonny is reciting his threats to Ava, Griffin enters the ICU and instinctively sees the danger Ava is in. As a result, the doctor restricts Sonny to enter into Ava's room. Aside from that, he gives out orders to the hospital personnel to restrict the mob boss from entering the medical facility.

Griffin’s noble act could potentially spark the flame between him and Ava. There is a great possibility that the doctor-patient relationship they have now will soon bloom into a romantic one. Meanwhile, Ava’s situation will bring her child KiKi (Hayley Erin) a mélange of emotions. Kiki is somehow furious that her mother swapped Morgan's medicines, however, she knew that Ava only did it for her sake.

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Other spoiler details

Aside from those scenes mentioned above, the next episode of "General Hospital" will reveal that Julian (William deVry) will discover that his sister is in the hospital through Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). Nelle is now in her recovery stage, which gives Michael a new hope. Because of Nelle's near death situation, Michael is ready to forget the mistake she did before.

Meanwhile, the Bar Association’s decision was released and Daine (Carolyn Hennessy) hand down the news personally to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Alexis is delighted that she will be back in practicing her law degree and this will also be good news to the entire Port Charles.