Reign” season 4 is coming to an end. There are plenty of things that fans want to see. Twitter fans in particular speak out on the dreams that they have for the very end. Some of the wishes may not fully materialize (and there are certainly reasons for some of them not to happen), but that doesn’t mean fans can’t dream. Here’s a look at four of the wishes of Twitter users before “Reign” season 4 wraps in June.

Bash appear again

There’s no denying that fans from the beginning of “Reign” have wanted to see Bash until the end. Out of all the characters around, his fate has always been the most precarious.

After all, there’s no evidence to support his actual life in history. Being a completely made up character in a historical fiction leaves plenty up to the imagination.

A strong role throughout the first three seasons, Torrance Combs hasn’t been seen since the end of “Reign” season 3. Fans want to see him back before the end. Think of it as “The Vampire Diaries” fans needing to see their beloved Elena Gilbert before the final moments. Chances are he will pop up, and some fans believe Mary’s final moments will be one of his visions.

Catherine and Narcisse reunite

There is a strong “Catcisse” following on the show, and many “Reign” fans on Twitter want to see the two together again. Both have very similar personalities, willing to do anything for their own wants and dreams.

That does mean the two could end up against each other. After all, Catherine has made it very clear that she doesn’t trust Narcisse.

The two will be needed together in France for the time being. Both want the same thing right now: to keep France in Valois (and French) control and avoid civil war.

Three queens together in a room

This is one wish that is debated. Some fans definitely want to see Mary, Elizabeth, and Catherine all in one room together. Considering the storylines, this is unlikely to happen, but it is possible that Mary and Elizabeth would eventually meet. The problem is they never did in history.

Sure, “Reign” has a habit of changing historical events.

However, there was always something sad about Mary never meeting the woman who signed her death warrant. Mary turned to Elizabeth for help and safety and was rewarded with imprisonment without and never getting to meet her cousin. If written well, this type of storyline would work out better for “Reign” than all three queens being in the same room together.

Mary and Francis reuniting

There is no doubt about it that all fans want to see Frary again. A quick look at all social media networks will make that clear. Mary and Francis had true love, something that Mary will never find again, despite Bothwell’s charms. At least, Mary shouldn’t get that again.

Francis is dead but that doesn’t stop the two from reuniting. After all, there are certainly high chances that Mary’s story will end with her death. Could a Titanic moment be in store for the 'Reign' series finale?