On Monday, "The Bachelorette" returned on TV following its more than two weeks of hiatus. In line with this, rachel lindsay, the 32-year old attorney, breaks down in tears on the recent episode amid the pressure she felt being the first black bachelorette on the mantle. Lindsay added that racial tensions and discrimination among her suitors are getting high.

Apparently, she was very emotional and admitted that no one would understand the pressure that she felt. During her “tell all,” Lindsay continued crying as she revealed the fact that she had been pressured in so many ways.

She felt affected of the things that people had spoken about her towards the different decisions she made.

Lindsay is in trouble

During the Monday night episode, the bachelorette cried a lot amid the pressures of expectations of being the first black woman on the show. For the 33 combined seasons of "The Bachelorette," Lindsay is feeling the tension that nobody has to deal with but herself.

The 32-year old lawyer also talked about the conflict which had happened between her and Lee Garrett. Amid the issue, Garrett, on the other hand, faced several backlashes on Twitter. Further, many had called him sexist and racist. Despite the pressure, Lindsay will do her best not to be criticized even though she has been the first black to be featured on the show.

The cocktail party

As the show returned the other night, the episode continued on the cocktail party. The episode also featured the confrontation between Eric and Lee. Lee is known for being a manipulator and most of the time; he causes trouble among the men in the house.

Following the fight between Eric and Lee, Lindsay then became the focus of the night.

She got the chance to have a one-on-one talk with Kenny and during those times, other guys started to pick up Lee's relentless actions. Dean, on the other hand, also shared his point of view that Lee seemed to be escalating a lot of drama inside the house.

Meanwhile, Dean further added that the longer anyone would stick in the house, the deeper everyone will become aware of the real attitude of Lee.

"The Bachelorette" recent episode simply escalated lots of tensions and conversations. Apart from the pressure that Lindsay felt being a black woman, other guys in the house were simply having a hard time dealing with each other's attitudes. As the show continues, viewers are looking forward to their conflicts to be settled in time.