One of the most highly anticipated returns on network television is NBC's "This Is Us" Season 2, which promises a resolution to the big fight between Milo Ventimiglia's Jack and Mandy Moore's Rebecca. The debut season of the NBC drama found the Pearson parents going through their first major fight.

Fans thought that Jack's death would finally be revealed in the finale, but the writers of the show are saving that for when it comes back this September 26, in its original Tuesday, 9 p.m. timeslot. Initially, NBC announced the rescheduling of the series to Thursdays at 9 p.m., but retracted its statement and decided to retain the Tuesday timeslot instead.

Dan Fogelman has already planned Jack's death

In a recent interview with Deadline, series creator Dan Fogelman spoke out about his plan for Jack's death, which was already unveiled during the show's first season. The shocking realization that the picture perfect couple in Jack and Rebecca didn't have a happy ending resulted in the fact that Jack's life was cut short.

But the question of how he lost his life remains unanswered. Was he a victim of driving under the influence (knowing his history with alcohol)? Did he have a terminal disease? Was he murdered? Fan theories are abound, but Fogelman told Deadline, "Season 2 holds a lot of the remaining cards re: Jack’s death."

How did Jack Pearson die?

That's one of the questions that "This is Us" season 2 is set to answer when it premieres this September.

It's easy to imagine how interest in the show may dissipate once this major question has been answered, but creator Dan Fogelman isn't worried. He told Deadline, "We have some things in store that will keep people talking and on their toes."

This means that fans should expect more questions posed, especially now that Randall (Sterling K.

Brown) has decided to adopt and Kate (Chrissy Metz) has decided to use her talents and sing. There's also Kevin (Justin Hartley), who's finally on a brink of a major break. As per Fogelman, "things will evolve" moving forward, and he promises something like a happy ending for the series when it finally concludes.

Series finale will have a happy ending

It's too early to tell for how long the Dan Fogelman created show will run, but this is for certain: "This is Us" will be around for at least two more seasons. With this in mind, is it difficult to map out five lives across the series?

Executive producer Ken Olin told The Hollywood Reporter, "Dan has a really large plan. He knows...where these stories are going." With that, it seems that it all leads up to a happy ending. Fogelman said, "At the worst, it will be in the vicinity of happy."

"This is Us" season 2 premieres on September 26 at 9 p.m.