rachel lindsay is on "The Bachelorette" 2017 and fans can't wait to find out who she picks. Bustle is now sharing that Rachel was spotted on Snapchat with another guy in the background and now everyone can't stop talking about who this guy is and what is going on. Bustle was able to figure out the details about who the guy is and if it is really someone from her season of the show.

The reality of who this man is revealed

Several fans went a bit crazy when they saw this post on Snapchat that showed Rachel Lindsay. The guy in the background does look a bit like Peter Kraus.

He is a fan favorite on this season of the show and rumors have been that he makes it pretty far this season. The fans were just sure that she had spoiled something.

TMZ first reported about this picture, and it shows Rachel with a guy that everyone was sure was Peter. They thought she had pulled a Kaitlyn Bristowe and spoiled the ending of her season. Kaitlyn actually shared a photo of herself with Shawn Booth before the season was done airing that she meant to send to someone privately instead.

Someone close to Rachel actually spoke out and shared that this was not someone from the show at all. It was actually a friend. The source said, "he is a friend of a friend of Rachel's ... and absolutely not Peter.

" This is good to know, but most of the fans would have loved to find out a spoiler about the show.

How did this come out?

Rachel herself doesn't have a Snapchat, but instead this was on a friend of hers page.

Friends would love to see Rachel on the social network all the time, but you just have to get lucky and catch her on someone else's post. Maybe once Rachel doesn't have to keep her fiance a secret she will get her own Snapchat.

As of right now, Rachel Lindsay's fiance hasn't been revealed. Reality Steve usually does a great job of spoiling it.

He originally shared who he thought it was going to be and then came back and said he was wrong and said it is someone else instead. Now, everyone is a bit curious if he is right at all. The fans love to hear spoilers, but it is hard to totally trust what he has to say now that he has changed his mind.

Are you surprised to hear that this wasn't Peter Kraus in the picture with Rachel Lindsay? Who do you think she will pick in the end? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Rachel on Monday nights on ABC on "The Bachelorette." As soon as her season is done airing, it will be time for the new season on "Bachelor in Paradise" to start airing on Monday nights.