While waiting for the last 10 episodes of "Pretty Little Liars," fans knew that there would be a wedding. There were plenty of contestants (well, four to be exact) but fans had their eyes on three in particular: Haleb, Emison, and Ezria. Which couple tied the knot in the "PLL" Series Finale?

There are spoilers for the series finale in this post. If you haven't watched it yet, be warned. However, I promise not to spoil the A.D. reveal.

Haleb did tie the knot already

Let's get the first couple out of the way. Haleb had already tied the knot a few episodes earlier.

It wasn't the most romantic wedding ceremony, but it was a necessary one. They needed to get married right there and then because they could, especially with A.D. breathing down their necks. So, they did it at the Court House.

During the series finale, Hanna did admit that she regretted not getting married in a big ceremony. However, the series finale is focused on the fact that the two want a baby. There is a least a semi-romantic moment between them.

Emison have their family

The next couple on the list don't tie the knot either. In the "Pretty Little Liars" series finale, they are playing happy families with their twins Lily and Grace. Fans did finally get to know who the father was. Emily's eggs had been fertilized with Wren's sperm and then inseminated in Alison.

Somehow Wren and Emily had beautiful blonde-haired babies, but we'll skip over the DNA issue there.

Alison makes a promise to Emily's mom that she will always protect her girlfriend. It's cute and it's clear that Emison get their happy ending, even if they aren't the ones to walk down the aisle.

Ezria have two wedding ceremonies

Yes, it is Ezria who finally tied the knot, but it wasn't quite the way fans expected. After a short time jump, the group of friends get together for Aria and Ezra's wedding, which is (for some unknown reason) in Rosewood. However, Aria decides to call off the wedding because she can't have kids.

Ezra then learns that Aria has known about this for a month and it looks like he stands her up at the altar, thanks to A.D.

The two manage to work things out and have a second ceremony. This time they completely go through with it. It is the most controversial couple of the show that ties the knot in the "PLL" series finale.

Were you expecting Ezria to tie the knot in the "Pretty Little Liars" finale?? Were you happy that it turned out to be them or did you want to see a different wedding happen? Feel free to share in the comments below.