Simon Cowell must have known that it was clearly time for a hero on the America's Got Talent Week 5 of auditions Tuesday night. Heroes can come in all shapes, sizes, and professions, and a few even have fur. A cavalcade of acts from a very youthful magician, to a married couple contending with each other in balancing, to a bunch of beautiful singers would fill the AGT night, but the bond between Sara Carson and her beautiful “fur baby,” Hero, had special power, especially for the British judge, and the audience, who agreed. Unfortunately, Howie Mandel and Mel B didn’t catch the canine fever, and were ready to can the future dreams for this mistress and her pooch.

Simon Cowell surrendered his stiff upper lip and made a special appeal to save this precious pair for further competition and the chance at a dream.

Special love

Sara Carson proved that the passion between her and Hero was beyond that of the usual pet and master before even beginning their pirate-themed routine. When Simon asked what she would do if she was to win the million dollars, Sara immediately said that she would help owners in training their dogs through positive reinforcement, and learn “to have fun with them.” Hero barked with excitement, and his gaze never left Sara’s eyes. Simon asked if that was a sword that Sara put in her dog’s mouth, and Mel B replied: “Yeah, it's a whole theme.”

The cue of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme began a beautiful routine of devotion between Sara and Hero.

It was like the dog heard every beat of the music, and watched for his every minute to shine for his owner. There were no tiny bicycles, no shopping carts to push, nor high ropes to walk. None of those props were necessary, because Hero danced like the perfect gentleman and a fine swashbuckler between Sara’s legs, leaping from different points of her body for twirls, and even dancing backward to the choreography.

At one point, Hero even barked in time with the familiar music. The climax came with a daring sword fight, and Hero, naturally, was the victor, perching himself on top of Sara, in paw-perfect style that would make Johnny Depp proud. Heidi Klum laughed in delight, and Simon Cowell rose in a standing ovation, but Mel B and Howie Mandel didn't judge Sara and Hero to be worthy.

Dueling opinions

The cheers roared from the audience to the “America's Got Talent” stage, and Simon gushed “Fantastic!” before remarks from the panel proceeded. Howie Mandel said the performance reminded him of a one-woman show version of a dinner show at Medieval Times. Simon Cowell was stunned and clueless. “I didn't see one amazing trick,” Howie grumbled as commentary. Mel B didn't begin her feedback with much promise, either. Her first words were “if you get through to the next round…” and the Spice Girl judge urged that she wanted to see more “switch ups” with tricks.

Simon Cowell had had his fill. “They had a sword fight-- I've never seen a dog have a sword fight with his owner!” interjected Cowell, continuing to assert that he did not think that they understood the entire act.

As “No’s” for their verdict from Howie and Mel B, Simon rose from his seat to say “I'm gonna do something.” He came to the stage, standing beside a now tearful Sara. “I've never done this before. I'm asking you on behalf of Sara and Hero…” Mel B passed off the push, pointing to Howie and saying, “Ask him.” “Both of you,” returned Simon's retort. “I saw something you didn't see,” Cowell reiterated. The compassion campaign worked. “I know people like dogs,” judge Mandel offered from his chair before “I'm going to change it to a ‘Yes.’” Simon stayed onstage until the count was a certain three affirmative votes, ensuring a future for the time being for Sara and Hero.

“Thank you,” Sara spoke with grateful hugs.

The crowd gave full approval to the change of heart. In her profile, Sara spoke of how her love of animals gave her purpose over all the feelings that she never fit in, and how her own family didn’t see training dogs as a career. Anyone seeing this moment of the transformative power of the love of a dog definitely feels the future of love for this young lady and her true Hero.