"General Hospital" is getting back an actor who is a fan favorite. Steve Burton, who exited the role of Jason Morgan back in 2012 after portraying the character for twenty years, is returning to the soap opera.

However, the return has many "GH" fans confused as the role of Jason Morgan is currently being played by actor Billy Miller. Will the soap boot Miller and replace him with Burton, or could the actor return to the television series in a different role?

Big changes coming for 'GH'

Daytime Confidential reports that Steve Burton is returning to "General Hospital," although the network nor Burton's reps have confirmed the news.

As many "GH" fans know, Burton quit the ABC soap back in and joined the ranks of "The Young and the Restless," where he appeared from 2013-2016.

However, the actor is now said to be returning home to his roots in Port Charles. While it's unclear about the role Steve will be playing, there could be an interesting storyline involved with his return.

"General Hospital" fans may seen both characters play Jason Morgan, as it could be revealed that either Billy Miller or Steve Burton is the real Jason, and the other was somehow thrust into his life for an elaborate reason.

Many "Days of our Lives" fans may remember that a similar situation happened with the character of Roman Brady. Drake Hogestyn played the character for many years until it was revealed that he was not Roman Brady, but someone that Salem villain Stefano DiMera actually brainwashed and sent to Salem in Roman's place.

Drake has portrayed John Black ever since then, but his time believing his was Roman Brady shaped his life. John fell in love with Roman's wife, Marlena, and the two ended up together and even conceived a child, Belle Black. However, their romance wasn't without consequences. Marlena's daughter, Sami Brady, caught her mother having an affair with John while she was married to her father, Roman.

The shock lead to decades of animosity between Marlena and Sami, who never quite got over her mother's betrayal.

Goodbye, Hayden Barnes

Meanwhile, "General Hospital" is also losing a cast member. TV Line reports that actress Rebecca Budig is leaving the ABC soap opera despite signing a four year contract just last summer. The actress, who has played the role of Hayden Barnes since 2015, is scheduled to leave the show later this summer. It seems that "GH" viewers will have a lot of adjustments and drama to look forward to in the near future, so set those DVRs!