The two-hour series finale of "Pretty Little Liars" is almost here. Tuesday night sees the seven-year show come to an end, with fans wanting to know just one thing; who is A.D.? Yes, this is a mystery that will finally be solved, but fans will learn more than that. Fans will finally get to see how A.D. fits in with the Liars throughout the series run, through a series of flashbacks.

Not a character expected

Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas on "PLL," has said that the identity of A.D. was shocking. He wasn't expecting to find out it was this particular person, despite hints throughout the series that it would come to this.

That suggests that all those theories of Wren, Melissa, Ezra, Caleb, and others will be wrong. It is likely to be someone no one saw coming.

Robinson went onto say that A.D. could still involve Lucas in some way. He wouldn't say whether his character was completely ruled out. However, fans have guessed that Lucas is A.D. for a while, so this reveal seems unlikely. Considering Lucas and Hanna are close, it is also unlikely that he went against her, unless it was to actually protect her.

'PLL' will see a happy ending for at least one couple

Sasha Pieterse has shared that one lucky couple will have a happy ending; Emison. Yes, Emily and Alison fans will see something good come out of the show. That's not to say other couples won't be happy, just that at least one "PLL" couple will see love in the future.

Does this mean it's Emison that has the big wedding in the series finale?

There are still questions regarding the future for the other couples. Many fans still suspect that Ezra has a part in the A.D. storyline.

Who do you think is A.D.?

Fans are still trying to guess the identity of A.D. Last week revealed that Mona was the one to kill Charlotte, but it is unlikely that Mona is A.D. She killed Charlotte to protect the Liars, as Charlotte intended to go back to destroying the lives of the girls in Rosewood.

Also revealed two weeks ago was that Mary Drake had killed Jessica DiLaurentis.

With the two big murders solved, it pulls the question back to A.D. This is the only theory left, and there are still plenty of contenders for the title. Could Jenna be involved? Has Melissa pulled the strings all this time? Does Spencer have a twin controlling everything from behind the scenes?

Tune in for the "Pretty Little Liars" series finale on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. Not only will A.D. be revealed, but flashbacks to show how A.D. has been there from the beginning will be shared.