Fans who have been following Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the rest of The Bellas are excited for "Pitch Perfect 3" to hit the big screen. The third installment of the movie, otherwise dubbed as the threequel, is said to be the final one for the franchise. The promotional poster of the movie itself seems to be giving the fans a big hint as it proudly screams the tagline "last call pitches."

The upcoming movie will focus on The Bellas as they join the USO and embark on a diabolical world tour. Since it was first released on the big screen, the diverse group of Barden Bellas has gained the support of approval of the audience as it deviated from typical stereotypical roles and focused more on voice talent.

What's next after college

"Pitch Perfect 3" continues with its diabolical take on practical humor and realistic hurdles in life, as seen in Anna Kendrick's character, Beca, finds herself unemployed after college. Similarly, some members of the Barden Bellas are also seemingly stuck in a rut as they find themselves trying to succeed in a certain thing called adulting.

After college, the Barden Bellas find themselves thrown out in the real world, where they are faced with individual challenges and personal struggles. The latest "Pitch Perfect 3" trailer shows Beca trying to find another job after getting fired from her previous one. Another Barden Bella is working as a barista in an elite school, while another member is trying her best to become a successful veterinarian.

Meanwhile, Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, seems to be one of the biggest highlights in "Pitch Perfect 3." Aside from the fact that she looked so cute in the trailer trying to moonlight Amy Winehouse to get a few bucks from the street, her amazing weight loss transformation has also caught the attention of the fans.

The big reunion

The "Pitch Perfect 3" trailer also shows a scene where the girls get together in a bar and eventually decided to get their stuff together by joining a USO performance event to support the US troops in Europe. All the members all agree to participate in the reunion and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Barden Bellas are back on track, focusing once again on creating and practicing their new routines for the USO performance.

Just when they thought everything in their routine was perfect and flawless, they realize that they are competing against several groups who boast of something more than just singing acapella songs. Catch "Pitch Perfect 3" on the big screen on December 22, 2017.