It was hard to believe when rumours of george clooney dating amal alamuddin hit the town. The Ultimate Bachelor, George Clooney, was an uncaged icon. Once George hit his 40s, it was an indisputable truth in the industry, he would remain a bachelor. Five years ago if you had asked any industry expert, ‘do you see George Clooney settled down with two kids?,’ no one would have taken you seriously. But here we are. George and Amal Clooney with twins, venturing on parenthood. The power couple have continued to garner adoration from their fans for their philanthropic activities.

On one hand, Amal Clooney fights for justice against ISIS, on the other George Clooney invests time in fundraisers for humanitarian causes. They have raised the bar of the relationship goals. And no one can dispute that fact.

Until last week, no one knew the story of George & Amal meet-up. Thanks to George’s father Nick Clooney we have a love-story that reads like a perfect soulmate encounter. George and Amal Clooney met for the first time in Italy, the most romantic place in the world. Could it be any more perfect?

How did they meet?

The event took place in 2013. Clooney family and Amal Alamuddin were gathered for a dinner party. Nick Clooney and his mother Nina Bruce were the ones who opened the door to Amal.

She introduced herself to the Clooneys’ and continued to charm them and George at the party. ‘There was a kindness to her and an inclusiveness.,’ said Nick Clooney in his interview with the People magazine. He also mentions that it was quiet obvious George was smitten by her beauty and intelligence. Lucky for George, Amal also seemed to be charmed by his persona.

It was indeed love at first sight.

Thanks to this accidental encounter, world has two more Clooneys. It is not a far-reaching observation that the kids will follow their parent's footsteps and make the world a better place when they grow up. It is also a testimony for the fact that true love has no expiration date. You can fall in love at any age and if you indeed meet your soulmate, you can start a new life together against all odds.

George Clooney's baby steps into parenthood

In a recent statement released by George Clooney he jokingly mentioned how being a new father is a new learning experience for him. While his Parents think both George and Amal are already pro at parenting, the couple seems to have modestly accepted their new roles. We wish all the luck to this power couple. Stay Strong & keep leading by example.