Not has NBC confirmed a second season for "This is Us," the network also gave a nod for Season 3 as well. However, there is no confirmation yet for "This is Us" Season 2's official premiere date. But if the rumors are true, we will be seeing the Pearson family again in September 2017.

During the "This is Us" Season 1 finale, we got a hint of what will happen to Jack, Rebecca, and the whole Pearson family. However, it seems that things will not be good for the whole family next season. After a huge fight, Jack was last seen storming out of their house.

He came back to the bar again which only means one thing: Jack and Rebecca's marriage is all done.

Bigger mystery surrounding Jack's death

The NBC drama promises to keep viewers in tears episode after episode. "This is Us" creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly that they will not show anything about how Jack died in one episode. Instead, the reason behind his death will be dropped throughout Season 2.

Instead of knowing the direct answer as to how and why Jack died, Fogelman guaranteed fans that it will just be replaced with a bigger mystery. He also added that there will be more reasons for viewers to be hopeful as they will be spreading positive vibes for "This is Us" Season 2 as well.

Are these positive vibes happening to the Pearson siblings?

Good beginnings for other characters

Meanwhile, Kevin will finally make it to the movie industry, thanks to his meeting with Ron Howard. However, if he accepts the major role that the movie director is offering for his upcoming movie, it will immediately put an end to the budding relationship Kevin is building with his ex-wife Sophie.

Kate, on the other hand, will overcome her self-consciousness and fear of being body shamed as she will start to pursue her singing career in the next season. As we've seen in Season 1, Kate has a beautiful singing voice but she's holding things back because of her insecurities and fear of other people talking about her and her weight.

In "This is Us" Season 2, she will finally take a step towards launching her singing career.

One of the biggest mysteries in the "This is Us" world, which is Miguel and Rebecca's relationship, might also be explored in the second season. How did Rebecca end up with Jack's best friend?

There are a lot of questions to be answered in "This is Us" Season 2. But one thing is for sure: This season will be another heartbreaking season for all of us.