Rebel Wilson has been known for her role in "Pitch Perfect" movie franchise as Fat Amy. While her coined nickname was not meant to be an offensive one, it has garnered a lot of criticisms mostly because it was considered to be a major form of body-shaming. However, the 37-year old actress hasn't given much thought about the said criticisms and thrived on her role as Fat Amy. For the past two "Pitch Perfect" installments, Wilson has been sporting her usual body frame. However, in "Pitch Perfect 3," fans were shocked to see a drastic rebel wilson weight loss.

While the improvements have garnered a lot of positive comments and reactions, some of the fans also expressed worry and suspicion.

According to reports, some fans suspected that Rebel Wilson weight loss might have been brought about by pressure from the producers for "Pitch Perfect 3." Behind the scenes, photos of the movie revealed a much slimmer "How To Be Single" actress.

Doing it for herself, not for anyone else

Talks about being coerced or pressured to lose weight eventually reached Wilson which prompted her to give the fans an explanation. According to reports, Wilson took to Instagram to share to everyone that it was her decision to lose weight and that she was doing it for herself and not everyone else.

That said, everyone seemed to take Rebel Wilson weight loss in stride and fans were already getting used to seeing a svelter looking Fat Amy. However, a new set of controversy is hounding the "Brides Maids" actress, saying that she is suffering from a "yo-yo" diet.

What is a 'yo-yo' diet and how bad could it be?

Basically, a "yo-yo" diet takes from the movement of a yo-yo which seems to be swinging on opposite sides.

That said, a person who suffers from a "yo-yo" diet is considered to be someone who is on alternately losing weight, then gaining it again, then losing it again - all in a vicious, emotionally-draining cycle. This usually happens when an individual tries to lose weight hurriedly, which is a common practice among celebrities.

Because of the seemingly sudden changes in Rebel Wilson weight loss, speculations have been circulating that "The Brothers Grimsby" actress might be suffering from a "yo-yo" diet. Rumors have been spreading that Wilson is having a hard time maintaining her current, slimmer figure but she is reportedly trying her best to keep the pounds off.

As of writing, reps for Wilson have yet to comment on the said issue. Hopefully, the "Pitch Perfect 3" actress can stay healthy and sweep the fans off their feet in the premiere of their movie, which is set to be released on Dec. 22, 2017.