ABC has brought together the popular names in the music industry for its new show, "Boy Band." The team includes Nick Carter, and he will be joined by order singers like Emma Bunton and Justin Timberlake. Carter is the new architect of the show. But, is he going to build a house?

The upcoming show is a singing competition for talented singers who wish to earn a spot in the music industry. Apparently, Carter is among the mentors of these aspiring stars as they battle out to become one of the members of the next generation of the music group.

The next generation of 'Boy Band'

The show aims to look for talented singers of five who will complete a new music group. In one of his interviews, Carter shared that he is very much excited about the show since there will be no coaches and judges but only mentors like them. He further added that they would not be competing among other mentors; instead, they will guide the kids in enhancing their talent and skills in singing.

There will be 30 kids who are expected to join the competition. Apparently, it is the job of Carter, Bunton, and Timberlake to look for the best talents among these numbers of contestants. The Backstreet Boys singer further added that he loved how the show addressed them as an "architect" since it sounds really fresh.

The 37-year old singer who was known to be part of the biggest boy band in the history wanted to share his talents and experiences to the aspiring singers of the new show.

Areas of expertise

All mentors of the "Boy Band" will be called as architects. Carter, Bunton, and Timberlake will be dealing with their respective expertise regarding music.

The Backstreet Boys member is known for his contemporary music; hence, he will be dealing with kids who are good at it.

Meanwhile, Bunton, being part of the Spice Girls, will also deal with the kind of music genre that she is expert with. To recall, Bunton had made smashing records around the world with her music together with her girl group.

Further, as for Timberlake, he is already known as a pop icon on his own right. Basically, he will also focus on the music genre that he used to perform with.

With all these three mentors, ABC simply wanted to ensure that they can bring credible people altogether in one show. Further, it will be the job of these three singers to mentor and guide the kids as they reach their dreams rather than tearing them down with comments and criticisms. "Boy Band" is set to air on ABC on June 22, at 8 p.m. ET.