The couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian plan to hire a surrogate mother who can carry their third child. It sounds a little burden on their behalf since they need to spend an enormous amount of money for the woman who will carry the child.

However, it was revealed in the "Keeping up with the Kardashian" previous episode, that pregnancy would be a lot risky for Kim Kardashian due to a condition called "placenta accreta."

It would be a health risk for her since it has the tendency that the blood vessels and the placenta will grow deeper on her uterine wall.

Hence, looking for someone who can carry their baby for them is the best thing that the couple can do.

$45,000 for ten months

It is known that the surrogate would receive an amount of $45,000 and that is for ten months while she carries the baby. Further, she will also observe some restrictions during her pregnancy. She will need to avoid, drinking, pitfalls, smoking, jumping, and any activities that will put the health of the baby at risk.

Moreover, she will also need to limit her drinks on caffeinated beverages at least one drink a day. $45,000 might be a huge sum of money; but on the other hand, West and Kardashian can still use their time in nine months as they go about their businesses and their respective careers.

It would be a lot easy for the couple to work on their daily routine without having to worry about a baby that is inside Kardashian's womb. For the meantime, the name of the third child is yet to be planned by the couple.

Bonus for a twin or triplet

West and Kardashian had been very eager of having another child. In fact, the couple also wanted to have their twins like how Beyoncé and Jay Z did.

As per a report from USA Today, the couple will pay an amount of $70,000 for the surrogacy agency who can find them a surrogate.

Further, it is also believed that a bonus of $5,000 will be given for each possible twin or triplet child. Apparently, the couple is more than willing to shell out an amount of money in order for them to have their third child next to North and Saint.

When asked about surrogacy, Kardashian explained, "I've come to the conclusion that I can't carry another one."

To recall, the "KUWTK" star had detailed out on her blog how the doctor had scraped the placenta inside her womb during her last pregnancy. Hence, the couple decided to explore on surrogacy and hopes to have their third child soon. With this, fans are looking forward to another angel that will complete the West-Kardashian clan.