Every 90's boy band fan's dream come true seeing the Backstreet Boys on stage with NSYNC...well, sort of, but not quite. Here is what actually happened Wednesday night, March 8th in Las Vegas that caused fans to go wild.

BackStreet Boys serenade NSYNC's Joey Fatone

Not quite the ideal collaboration of boy band fans but it was a treat and quite enjoyable for those in attendance to witness. NSYNC member Joey Fatone just happened to be in the audience at the Backstreet Boys' performance during their Las Vegas residency, when he was pulled out of the crowd by AJ Mclean for a special serenade.

During the "Shape of My Heart" performance Joey was pulled on stage by AJ, not missing a beat, Joey grabbed up the singer and carried him to the center of the stage where they were joined by the rest of the group. As Nick Carter moved in closer, Joey grabbed Nick and planted a full on mouth kiss on a surprised Nick, who then fell to the ground as if he fainted.

NSYNC reunion news shot down on Twitter

Everything was all in good fun and the crowd loved every minute of it as happy thoughts and wishes for a Backstreet Boys/NSYNC combo concert danced in their heads. Nothing at this time is 100 percent off the table, as speculation of an NSYNC reunion has been rumored, but, at this time, appears to be still a distant hopeful thought among certain members of the group and fans.

Sadly, it appears that fans will have to continue waiting and dreaming of the day because not all members are on the same page when it comes to this subject. Last month, NSYNC's Lance Bass got fans excited after he stated that there would be an NSYNC reunion and new music coming this year. However, these claims were shot down pretty fast by the band's official Twitter account posting,

"Unfortunately, Lance's comments to the press were taken out of context," the band tweeted.

"When there is real news from *NSYNC you will hear it from all of us." Lance also tweeted a clarification, writing, "If people want to call the Walk of Fame Star a 'reunion' then fine, but we have no plans of making any new music or tour."

Maybe someday NSYNC fans...just not anytime soon, it appears. What are your thoughts on this boy band news, are you hoping for an NSYNC reunion?