Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. We're going to see Switzerland be the next pit stop for this upcoming episode 7. It will feature a whopping 3 one-on-one dates. There will be one group date. Two unlucky guys will have to say goodbye and more. These spoiler scoops came from Reality Steve.

Pretty significant

In the new episode 7, the next location for all the drama will be Geneva, Switzerland. By the time the episode ends, Rachel will have narrowed her remaining guys down to just the final 4 from 6. The final 4 men will be the ones that qualify for the hometown dates.

So, this will be a pretty significant episode.

Bryan Abasolo date

They're going to start it out by showing us a one-on-one date with Bryan Abasolo. Steve is guessing that they took some time to drive a fancy car around on their date. Apparently, there was a tweet that went out at that time which showed them driving the car. No other details were revealed for this date. It's safely assumed that Bryan did get a rose on this date since he never gets eliminated. However, it could be one of these episodes where they don't get a rose on the date. They just wait until the rose ceremony. Whatever the case, Bryan will be sticking around past this episode.

Next, they're going to show another one-on-one date.

This time, it will be with Dean Unglert. He and Rachel will end up visiting the Old Town Geneva. No other details were provided for this outing either. However, we do know that Dean does make it to the next episode too. So, it's assumed that the date did go well.

Eric gets a group date rose

After all that, they will show us a group date.

It will feature Eric, Adam, and Matt. Steve did mention that Eric is going to get the group date rose in this one. As a result, he will be guaranteed a hometown date. There was no additional information about what they did during this group date. We're going to have to wait and tune in to see what all happened.

From there, they will show us yet another one-on-one date.

This one will feature Peter Kraus. He and Rachel are going to go to the Swiss Alps where it's extremely cold. Steve mentioned that they do end up freezing while there. To what extent remains to be seen. Despite the freezing cold weather it sounds like Peter did do well on this date because he will also make it past this episode.

Poor Matt and Adam

Finally, they will show the rose ceremony. It turns out that poor Matt Munson and Adam Gottschalk will be the unlucky ones that don't receive a rose. So, expect to see those two biting the dust when this episode finally airs. Speaking of when this episode will air. It turns out that we're going to have to wait until Monday night, Ju10, 2017 to finally see it.

For some reason, ABC has elected to just show a rerun of episode 6 this coming Monday, July 3. So, be sure to make note of that on your TV calendars.

Usually, we have a brief official description of the episodes from ABC. However, since this episode is so far out, they haven't released their press release for it yet. They should be releasing a new preview clip for i, later on, tonight though. We expect it to show up a couple of hours after episode 6 wraps up. You'll definitely want to keep an eye for it if you want to see some extra details. Stay tuned.