While "#Big Brother 19" spoilers are getting pursued on social media, the "#BB19" cast is already competing in the new season. Even though the season premiere is on June 28, the cast is already competing for the $500,000 prize. The reason for this is that the production team needs time to gather enough footage for the first two episodes. By having the "BB19" cast in the house a few days before the first episode, it allows CBS to put together the show.

There are a number of other "Big Brother 19" spoilers out there, including the possibility of two former houseguests appearing in the house again.

Paul Abrahamian and Frankie Grande keep popping up in "Big Brother 19" rumors that have been posted on Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. While they aren't part of the first 16 houseguests that will enter the "BB19" house, it is possible that Abrahamian or Grande become part of a temptation twist this summer.

The "Big Brother 19" season premiere is a two-day event

The first episode of "Big Brother 19" airs at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Wednesday (June 28). It is two hours long and will be entirely constructed with taped footage from inside the "BB19" house. It is expected that there will be at least a Head of Household competition to decide who is in charge of the first nominations and that opens the door for an early eviction as well.

Could producers decide to have a houseguest sent packing before the first episode even appears on CBS?

Then on Thursday night (June 29), the second episode of the season will air at 9 p.m. PT/ET, giving viewers something extra to look forward to this week. This presents the possibility that additional "Big Brother 19" spoilers could get leaked over the next 24 and 48 hours, especially since most of the information is already known to staff and producers.

The "BB19" cast names are already known, so fans have been getting familiar with them for the last week.

Will fans enjoy "Big Brother 19" and the temptation theme from CBS?

CBS and producers of the hit reality competition show are really banking on fans enjoying the theme of temptations this summer. A lot of the gameplay for the "BB19" cast may revolve around making choices and accepting the consequences of those actions.

From that viewpoint, it won't be much different than in past seasons, but it's possible that producers will put a spin on things to make it even more interesting within "Big Brother 19."

With only a day until the summer 2017 season premiere finally appears on CBS, the excitement level on social media has never been higher for the show. Can the "BB19" cast live up to all the hype? Once the episodes finally start getting shown and the live feeds are turned on, fans should expect even more "Big Brother 19" spoilers to hit the net.