Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. We're going to see Lee finally get the boot in a dreaded 2-on-1 date and more in this upcoming episode 5. There's going to be some ski jumping action. A group date will take place that involves a game of handball. They're also leaving the states to go to Norway. We got these new spoilers from Reality Steve and an ABC press release from TV Guide.

Down to just nine

In the new episode 5, Rachel and the guys are going to head to Olso, Norway where she will eventually narrow her remaining group of men down to just nine. They're going to start out by showing us footage of a one-on-one date between Rachel and Bryan Abasolo.

Their date will be filled with adventure. They're going to rappel down a ski jump on a harness. At some point, they're going to kiss while just hanging there. It should give us a pretty romantic scene.

Handball game group date

Next, we're going to see a group date take place. Steve didn't reveal the name of the guys that went on this date. He didn't explain why, so he probably wasn't able to get that information for whatever reason. He did describe something that they did on the date. They played a handball game with the locals in Norway. That's all the information he gave for that one. I'm sure there was a second half to this date. We'll just have to wait until this episode airs to find out what happens on the rest of the group date.

After all that, they're going to show us another dreaded two-on-one date where one of the guys is destined to go home if he fails to convince Rachel that he's better for her than the other dude. Steve said he thinks that Kenny King and Lee Garrett go on this date. It's not a solid confirmation, so there's a chance that it could be some other guys.

Steve also tentatively said that he thinks Rachel ends up eliminating both of them. He pointed out that this is not a confident spoiler and that Kenny might actually stay. So, this one could go either way as far as Kenny is concerned. He seems very sure that Lee will get eliminated though.

Josiah Graham comes up empty handed

Lastly, the show will end with the big rose ceremony. Poor Josiah Graham is supposed to come up empty handed. So, we'll be seeing him take an elimination walk when it's all said and done to join Lee Garrett and possibly Kenny.

ABC also released a press release description for this episode. It's slightly different. They explain that there's going to be a date that takes place in Bluffton, S.C. to start off the show. Then there will be a rose ceremony before they go to Oslo, Norway. After that, they pretty much echo everything that Reality Steve described with the exception of the elimination reveals. ABC definitely doesn't give away that specific information.

Possible "to be continued" sign

Also, it sounds like the rose ceremony that Steve described will probably be featured in the next episode. ABC likes to do this thing where they show the "To be continued" sign at the end of each episode. So, I think that is what will happen in episode 5. The network also confirmed that episode 5 will be airing next Monday night, June 26, 2017. Stay tuned.