"Nashville" season 5 returned with a bang last night. Fans cheered at Maddie being the bigger person and accepting Juliette's version of her song--even though it was with a little prodding from her friend. However, they learned something horrible at the end: Bucky may not have a job at Highway 65 for much longer. Here's a look at the 'Nashville' season 5, episode 13 promo.

There are spoilers in this article for last night's episode. As you're looking for a promo, we'll assume that you already know what happened.

Daphne watches Liv fall

Daphne is going through a difficult time.

She's missing her mom and been diagnosed with depression. It's not that surprising that she's decided to hang out with the homeless girl, Liv, that she met in last night's episode. However, she still knows right from wrong and chooses not to trespass in what looks like a junk yard.

When Liv and her friends are caught, Liv makes a run for it. Daphne can only watch as Liv climbs up a metal fence and then falls onto barbed wire. Just how will this end for the promisingly intriguing character?

Juliette has to do her first live performance

Juliette has had a bit of an identity crisis since her plane crash, but last night was the worst. After being so hopeful about her new album, it turned out the risk didn't quite work out.

Critics hated it, fans weren't impressed, and the gospel lovers had the worst reviews of all.

However, the show must go on and Juliette needs to get back in the saddle. It's all about this first live performance that she's extremely nervous about. Just how will her fans react when she finally gets on the stage?

Bucky learns the truth about Highway 65

Things are not looking good for Bucky. The co-founder of the label is getting the boot. At least, that's what Zach wants. The way Zach views it, Bucky is too close to Rayna's original view for the label. To be able to save it, he wants to change the brand. Of course, that's not something Bucky wants to see happen, but it looks like nobody has a choice.

Now if only Zach was man enough to tell Bucky the truth. The trailer makes it clear that Deacon is the one to break the news. This isn't going to be easy for either of them.

"Nashville" season 5 continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CMT. Don't forget you can stream it live through the CMT website and watch it on Hulu the very next day. In Canada, WNetwork has it available to stream as soon as the episode finishes. Don't miss a moment of your favorite country music show.