With just three episodes of "Reign" left to air, fans are looking for ideas to fill their time. Many have taken to asking Netflix and other streaming services to pick up a spinoff for their beloved show. The question is whether there are any spinoff ideas that would work. Are there any more stories that need to be told within the time period?

It turns out that there are plenty of options available. Here's a look at three spinoff ideas that would work beautifully for "Reign" fans.

The French uprising and civil war

There's no denying that the French storyline has pulled some fans in. This part of history in France is commonly overlooked, despite civil war taking up a major portion of it.

It's Protestants against Catholics, as the reformers attempt to accomplish the things their English, German, and Scottish counterparts had.

The French civil war would certainly make for an interesting storyline. However, fans will likely only be happy if Megan Follows agrees to reprise her role as the cunning and mesmerizing Catherine de Medici. Fans will also want to see Narcisse back to see the Catcisse relationship continue.

Elizabeth fights the Spanish

The Spanish are currently causing problems in the French court, but that's not quite how history worked out. In fact, the real Elisabeth of Valois was much younger than her current counterpart on the show. The Spanish actually went against the English, as Elizabeth refused to marry her widower brother-in-law Philip of Spain.

Considering how Rachel Skarsten has brought the character of Elizabeth to life, it is entirely possible that fans would follow a "Reign" spinoff set in England. Fans will want to see how Elizabeth reacts to the news that her cousin has been executed and see her battle against the Spanish Armada. Technically the Spanish Armada happens before Mary's execution, but "Reign" has always been loose with timelines.

James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England

This is the moment that Mary has been waiting for: to see her son join two countries together. Unfortunately she won't get to see it and it looks like fans won't either. If Netflix was to pick up the show for a spinoff, one focusing on the Stuart dynasty would be perfect.

The Stuart period in England and Scottish history is full of conspiracy theories, religious tension, and political intrigue.

It's a time period that saw one king executed and another banished from England. It's the most obvious spinoff of them all.

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