A fire broke out on "General Hospital" this week and Ava Jerome got badly burned. She is now in critical condition, barely hanging on. It was her own fault as she threw the lit lantern at Carly Corinthos, which started the blaze. She had an escape plan, but that didn't work out and now she is fighting for her life.

Many viewers have been waiting for Ava to be punished for her many crimes. Sonny and Carly certainly want her to pay. In fact, Dante is even a little suspicious of them not saving Ava. Did she finally get exactly what she deserved?

Bad girl Ava

Ms. Jerome has been a Bad Girl since she came on "General Hospital." She and her brother, Julian Jerome, have been enemies of mobster Sonny Corinthos from day one, but that certainly didn't stop Ava from having Sonny's baby. Even though they have a child together, he seems to hate her now more than ever.

Now that Sonny and Carly just found out that Ava Jerome played a huge part in Morgan's death, they are out for blood. "General Hospital" fans have also been appalled by everything that Ava has done for years. With the most recent antic of her switching Morgan's pills from Lithium to placebo tablets, many on social media had expressed their views on how this woman has gone unpunished.

It looks like it has finally caught up to her. But is this too much, even for Ava Jerome?

Will she survive?

It isn't looking good for this bad girl, but "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that she will pull through with a little help from her family and her team of doctors.

Her body is covered in burns, so it will be a long recovery for her, at least in soap time.

How will Sonny and Carly feel about this? Sonny is feeling pretty angry right now, but spoilers say that Carly is feeling remorseful about what happened. They may have been able to save Ava, but they were trying to get out of the warehouse themselves.

Could they have done more for her?

Ava has Julian, who is right there by her side, but there will also be someone else who will be helping her fight her way back. Griffin Munro is expected to be having a fling with Ava in the future. "General Hospital" spoilers have hinted that these two will get to know each other while he is helping her to recover from her burns, so there is a summer romance on the horizon for these two.

Kiki struggles

Ava's daughter, Kiki Jerome, has not only found out that her mother is in bad condition, but she has also learned that she was the one who messed with Morgan's meds. Now she is struggling with it. She doesn't want to face her mother and will struggle with her feelings about what she did.

This may even put another wedge between her and Dillon as well.

What are your thoughts on this "General Hospital" storyline? Did Ava Jerome deserve to be badly burned for everything that she has done in her past? Sound off your thoughts and stay tuned to see how this all plays out for Ava.