Mariah Carey is no longer part of Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell's new movie, "The House." The upcoming comedy film is a story about how two parents start an underground casino in their basement to raise funds for their daughter's college tuition and other expenses. The "Touch My Body" singer was supposed to make a cameo in the movie as herself. In an episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Will Ferrell shared his experience of working with Mariah Carey and eventually explained why the diva ended up being botched from the movie. He also confirmed that the 47-year old music icon won't be appearing in the movie anymore.

According to E! Online, Seth Meyers shared that Mariah Carey had a lot of specific demands when she was set to do an interview on his show. Will Ferrell then seemed to agree with Meyers and revealed that the "We Belong Together" hitmaker also had a lot of specific and sometimes unreasonable demands while on the set of "The House."

'The House' cast bares all

While Will Ferrell decided to play it coy and be a gentleman and all, his other "The House" cast members didn't hold back. One of the movie cast members, Cedric Yarbrough, even took to Facebook to air his thoughts about Mariah Carey. The actor deleted the post not long after, but the netizens already took screenshots.

The said post by Cedric Yarbrough called out Mariah Carey as "borderline abusive" and "unprofessional." Yarbrough's post also insinuated that since Will Ferrell has sort of talked about Mariah Carey's behavior on the set of "The House," he's going to start talking, too.

The now-deleted post also explained that Mariah Carey was supposed to do a very funny cameo for "The House," but due to her diva behavior and unreasonable requests on set, the planned cameo was ruined. According to E! Online, the "Hero" singer arrived three to four hours late on the set and upon arrival, she started complaining about her character's stunt.

Diva to the very core

Yarbrough continued to recount the incident on the set of "The House," saying that Mariah Carey refused to do a certain stunt and instead asked for a big fan for her hair to be blown around and a camera that would be positioned above her to catch her in an aerial view.

"The House" actor was obviously taken aback with Mariah Carey's hardcore diva attitude, and he admitted that he felt sorry for their director, who ended up being a pushover, trying to appease Carey's wishes.

Another "The House" actor, Rob Huebel, was also noted to have aired his grievances over the controversial diva last month, saying that they had to do some re-shoots with the pop star and it did not go well.