"The Originals" season 4 finale was the last time the fans caught a glimpse of their magical universe, but it seems like there might be a flicker of hope that the beloved characters might be back on the small screen soon. Before proceeding to read the rest of the article, be warned that it might contain some spoilers from "The Originals" season 4.

To continue, the last episode of season 4 was so overwhelming and well-crafted that many have considered it to be a series ender. Aside from the heartbreaking twist that made the Mikaelson siblings drift apart from each other forever, the episode also served as a closure for the characters as each of the siblings were seen living their own happy endings.

Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, and Kol may have ended up in a bittersweet exile from each other, but at least they got the happy ending that they deserved. Additionally, the much talked about a crossover with "The Vampire Diaries" also happened, although it was not really given much focus and airtime.

New season, new hope

According to The Hollywood Reporter, when "The Originals" season 5 returns to The CW, there will be an expected time jump to depict Hope as a teenager. It will also show how the Mikaelson siblings are doing after living separate lives.

The series will also focus on Hope's journey as a teenager where she attends the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted. Despite being exiled from one another, the Mikaelson siblings will still be seen in "The Originals" season 5, but the fans can expect more individual scenes than group scenes.

Hope will also be moving to Mystic Falls for "The Originals" season 5, but there will still be glimpses of New Orleans in the upcoming season. In fact, the possibility that the Mikaelson siblings will catch up to each other in New Orleans is still very much alive.

Closure for some characters?

The Hollywood Reporter sat with "The Originals" showrunner, Michael Narducci, and asked about the closure that each major character seemed to have in the season 4 finale.

Could it be the end of some characters?

According to Michael Narducci, it wasn't meant to signify a stop to the series. It was intended to be taken with the perspective that the family in "The Originals" have already been living for thousands of years, so it would only be fitting for some sort of closure to give direction to the characters' lives. He continued that there's still a lot of stories to tell and they wrote the finale with intentions of leaving room for more plot twists and character developments.