Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey parted ways in 2014, but as for being parents, the couple could give lessons on positive role modeling and good behavior. The two spend every special occasion, and several in between, with their beautiful twins, Monroe and Moroccan. The family shared Easter together just weeks ago, dyeing eggs and seeing little stepbrother, Golden “Sagon” Cannon, whose mom, Brittany Bell, has already become an ex-girlfriend of dad. During a visit with Wendy Williams, who always probes into private lives, asking “How you doin’?,” Nick spilled on more than the Easter egg dye.

Special delivery

Having a child is undeniably the most special and sensitive time in any mother's life, and Mariah has been quite candid in describing how her pregnancy with the twins was simultaneously a miracle and still touch-and-go with health concerns. Even the ballistically-fit Beyoncé is taking things easy and doing what's best for her two babies on board, and her own health now. Mariah Carey was going to ensure that the welcome for beloved Monroe and Moroccan was as unique and blessed as her diva status could ensure, according to Nick Cannon. His reply to Williams’ “60-degree” question of what was the “most diva” thing that he ever witnessed Mariah do was “Have twins.”

No one can blame a woman of means for wanting the most comfortable accommodation possible during delivery, and for this mom, there was a lot of room required, too.

Nick described that the entire hospital was “shut down” for the blessed arrival. Hubby had to not only be at her side, but he had to know perfect cues for music. “She made me play her music as they was coming out,” Nick Cannon recalled. The song is an understandable choice from the Mariah Carey hit collection. “It was ‘Fantasy,’” the papa revealed.

Forever friends

Much to their credit, these doting parents don’t let divorce or any transitory trouble keep them from letting their five-year-old twins know that their place in mom and dad’s lives will always be a priority. For any child, that security is better than any fantasy. Nick Cannon assures that he and Mariah are “the best of friends” but never get “that close.” Wendy assured that for her sensibilities, there would be no problem in the parents’ sharing the same bed.

Canon concurred, but put that possibility to bed, saying, “That's not the case.”

Maintaining herself as a diva is taxing work, especially with the transitions in relationships from billionaire to backup dancer, and now, back to single again. Mommy Mariah will be back to her love of making music, hopefully without any lyrical stumbles, while Nick has time to hone his comedy act for any audience he wants now that his “America's Got Talent” duties are in the rearview mirror.