Many fans are now very excited for the upcoming release of the hit animation movie “Frozen.” However, there are also recent news and rumors claiming that the highly anticipated installment of the Disney franchise will face another delay due to several issues, even after the confirmation of the release date.

“Frozen” is the highest grossing animated movie of Disney. Due to the complication of the animation itself, it took the Disney studio two years to complete the first movie. According to Collider, the “Frozen 2” is taking a while to complete since the studio does not have time to complete it.

There are also rumors that there is bad blood between Elsa’s voice actress, Idina Menzel, and the two other main voice actors of the movie, Josh Gad, and Kristen Bell. According to rumors, the two actors are not very happy that Menzel is causing several productions as well as scriptwriting delays.

With the wedding of Idina Menzel and her fiancé Aaron Lohr, several other things are making a lot of troubles for Elsa’s voice actress. There are also several instances where the schedules of “Frozen 2’s” scriptwriting and production were moved to facilitate Menzel’s schedule.

However, these instances of delays are also a good time for the whole production team to improve the plot and the script for “Frozen 2.”

Is Elsa Disney’s first lesbian Princess?

One of the reports from Celebeat revealed that Elsa would be coming out as a lesbian in “Frozen 2.” In fact, she will fall in love with her sister, Anna.

Because of it, Elsa will face a lot of problems being the Queen of Arendelle. A lot of movie fans suggest that the Snow Queen will face an identity crisis in the second movie.

Film producer Peter Del Vecho revealed that the storyline of "Frozen 2" can change. With everyone in the production team doing their best to deliver an even better story compared to the first movie, fans are now excited for the plot to reveal the real face of Elsa in the movie.

If sources are correct that she is Disney's first lesbian princess, this twist will make fans look forward to.

Will Anna kill Elsa in the end?

Anna, on the other hand, will also discover that she is not a true Arendelle princess. She is not a legitimate daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle.

There are also fan theories revealing that Anna will turn into an evil villain and she will try and steal the throne from the crowned Queen Elsa in the second movie.

These theories are also claiming that Anna will overthrow Queen Elsa and will succeed in getting her power, resulting in the death of the queen.

"Frozen 2" stars Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and more. The highly anticipated second movie of “Frozen” will premiere on November 27, 2019.