Maddie Ziegler graced the cover of the Seventeen magazine’s June/July issue and talked about her blooming career. The 14-year-old star was as Abby Lee Miller’s protégé and a great performer on “Dance Moms,” but she has left the controversial reality television series.

It has been more than a year since the young dancer departed from the show with her sister Mackenzie Ziegler. Although it was a bittersweet decision, she revealed that it was the right thing for her.

Ziegler still grateful for the experience

In an interview with Seventeen, Maddie Ziegler said that she is actually happy to move on from “Dance Moms.” In fact, her decision helped her to open a new exciting chapter of her life.

The actress revealed that being part of the reality television series gave her a “really stressful time.” That was why she really needed to quit the show. "I just didn't want to deal with all of the drama anymore,” she told Seventeen magazine.

She now feels happy and contented that she has moved on from that part of her life. Now, she can do her own thing, be herself, and step out of the norm. However, although there are a lot of negative things that have been said about “Dance Moms” and Abby Lee Miller, she assured that she had no bad experience in the show. As a matter of fact, she is very thankful for the experience she had and misses dancing with her fellow young aspirants.

One attitude that friends are complaining about over Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler also talked about her booming career now that she has left “Dance Moms.” Sia’s muse insisted that she is still just a teenager and feels caught up with what she is doing.

Fortunately, she has her friends and family to always remind her of the things she is doing well and is even commended for doing it in such a cool way.

“I never imagined this,” the "Maddie Diaries" author said, per Daily Mail. Although her friends find her good at managing her career, they still have found something to complain about. They find her to be the “worst texter.” In spite of having 11.7 million social media followers and 913,000 YouTube subscribers, she is still not accustomed to using emojis.

She even texts using lowercase.

Ziegler’s first ever movie

Meanwhile, Maddie Ziegler will be officially introduced on the big screen with her debut movie “The Book of Henry.”

The former “Dance Moms” dancer will play the role of a teenager abused by her stepfather and a dancing-girl-next-door named Christina Sickleman. She will also voice the character of Camille Le Haut in the upcoming CG-animated movie, “Leap.”

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