Abby Lee Miller will serve her sentence of 366 days in a Federal Corrections Institution in California in June. As she recently talked about her preparations and fears, she is now looking forward to completing her sentence in 2018. In an new interview with Us Weekly, the 50-year-old star revealed her plans while serving her time behind bars, and when she can finally put the whole thing behind her. If circumstances permit, she still wants to continue her old life.

Miller’s plans during and after prison

“I hope to come out and have a new TV show,” Miller said.

The famous choreographer is dreaming of having her own television program that she ca personally create. She envisions making a teenage show that will continue where she left off with “Dance Moms.”

Her show would depict what would happen next in the reality dance drama because she is the only one who knows what is going to occur. She is also hopeful that she will be able to bring the television series to New York City and make a musical version of it. “We’re working on a Broadway show, ‘Dance Moms: The Musical,” she revealed.

However, it seems like she will be having a hard time doing this as lifetime is getting in her way. Miller admitted that it would be a big fight with the network, as it too wants to make a musical version of the popular dance series.

“That’s not what they do,” she said. She then accused the studio of messing things up instead of just allowing anyone who has the knowledge to do it. Aside from a new show and a Broadway musical, the dance instructor is now busy writing a memoir.

Lifetime doesn’t want Miller to appear on other television shows

Moreover, after Lifetime replaced Miller with “Dancing with the Stars” professional Cheryl Burke as the new “Dance Moms” host, she revealed that the network is blocking every gig that comes her way.

She also revealed that the studio has prohibited her from accepting other gigs since she got indicted in 2015 on 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets, and false bankruptcy declarations. She received her sentence on May 9.

The director and owner of Reign Dance Productions also said that she has received some job offers to appear on television, but Lifetime has ordered her not to be on camera with any other network but theirs. With that, she feels that this is allowing just about anyone to mess with her moving forward. “[I’m] not a criminal mastermind,” she claimed.