Now that Abby Lee Miller has received her court sentence, the former “Dance Moms” host might now be preparing to serve her sentence. In fact, according to reports, she is about to start her Prison Term on June 25.

In an article by Celebrity Insider, the 50-year-old star’s representative revealed that she has to be in prison five days prior to the date that was first announced. However, the location of her detention center is not yet known, but she has a few options to choose from.

Miller still shock over what happened

Miller’s representative revealed that she has no official confirmation yet on where she will be serving her jail time.

But, she is now hearing positive things about the penitentiaries in Apple Valley and Victorville that are both located in California.

The dance instructress is about to serve one year and one day in prison for fraud bankruptcy. To recall, she was accused and found guilty of hiding over $775,000 of her total earnings.

She admitted that she is still in shock over her verdict and is worrying about her prison time. “I almost fell over when my sentence was announced,” she said while at a launch party of “What Happens at the Abbey” in West Hollywood, California recently.

However, the choreographer is planning to make some financial amendments so she can correct her mistakes. There is also a possibility that she could reduce her sentence time by showing good behavior inside the prison.

The controversial resignation

Miller was getting pretty controversial since “Dance Moms” started. However, she surprisingly quit the show earlier this year creating another controversy after accusing the production staff and Lifetime itself of belittling her.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the director and owner of Reign Dance Productions revealed that she would no longer be the host of “Dance Moms.

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” She narrated that in the past six years and seven seasons of the show, she had begged, asked, and demanded to be credited for all the ideas that she had imparted to the reality television series.

She also wanted to be recognized for all the award winning routines she had made along with the themes she had thought of and the costumes she had made.

Her pleading was to no avail. She was also proud to say that she had once again contradicted the producer’s idea to put a command performance on one of her favorite dance numbers. She was then instantly replaced by the “Dancing with the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke.