According to Us Weekly, Corinne Olympios was spotted in public on Thursday, June 15. It was the first time she was seen after the scandal was publicized. The 24-year-old woman who is at the center of the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal was seen talking on the phone while walking her dog in Los Angeles.

Olympios and DeMario Jackson were suspended from the show that was being filmed in Mexico before the entire cast was sent home. They are at the center of the scandal after sexual activities allegedly happened while they were naked in a pool following heavy drinking.

After the scandal, host Chris Harrison said more information would be shared after a thorough investigation is conducted.

Corinne Olympios

Corinne broke her silence on Wednesday, June 14. She said she has very little memory of what happened. However, she believes something bad took place, and she called herself a victim. She indicated she believed that is why Season 4 of "Bachelor in Paradise" was suspended and a producer has filed a complaint against the production.

TMZ has reported that the Miami native has hired the celebrity attorney Marty Singer to help her get justice. She also revealed in the statement that she’s seeking therapy to help her deal with the physical and emotional trauma she has experienced from what happened in Mexico.

Sources close to the situation say Corinne is well aware of what happened because

Sources close to the situation say Corinne is well aware of what happened because she instigated it and was lucid the whole time. Some of the cast members are keeping their distance from her and have unfollowed her on social media.

DeMario Jackson

DeMario Jackson has also been seen out and about. When asked about the scandal, he said he wanted the tapes released so his name can be cleared. He emphasized that he had nothing bad to say about Corinne and he believes the tapes will show exactly what happened.

The 30-year-old who competed briefly on Rachel Lindsay's season on "The Bachelorette" released a statement on Wednesday, June 14.

He said that it is unfortunate that his character and his family's name have been assassinated with false allegations that claim he took advantage of Corinne because she was too drunk to give consent.

Unlike Corinne, DeMario did not name an attorney, but he said he is taking legal action and seeking all available ways to clear him because he knows he didn't do what he has been accused of doing.

In the meantime, Jackson has been fired from his job as an executive recruiting consultant at Michael Page in Los Angeles even though the investigation is still ongoing. In spite of all that, Jackson says he is confident the tapes will show that he is innocent. He concludes that he doesn't blame anyone right now. He just wants the tapes released.