Will Maci Bookout take custody of eight-year-old Bentley from his father, Ryan Edwards? During a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of "Teen Mom OG," Bookout is seen consulting with a counselor in regard to Edwards' alleged struggles with addiction and during their chat, the mother of three admits that she is unsure of what her former boyfriend is using.

As a report by In Touch Weekly magazine revealed, Bookout tells the counselor that Edwards sometimes falls asleep when she's attempting to hold a conversation with him, and when he's not falling asleep, he's extremely wide-eyed and he doesn’t look like himself.

Although Maci Bookout told Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood that Ryan Edwards would likely seek treatment for his struggles, she also noted that those around Edwards appear to be in complete denial about the situation. She then informed her husband Taylor McKinney that she was planning to confront Edwards about his addiction after fearing he may overdose.

Did Maci Bookout confront Ryan Edwards about his alleged drug use?

According to the report, Bookout had not yet confronted Edwards about his alleged substance abuse struggles at the time the episode was aired but she had considered taking legal action against him in the way of a custody filing. As the magazine explained, Bookout said that if she confronted Edwards with the idea of rehab and he turned it down, she would file for custody of their young son.

Bookout also explained that if she was forced to take custody rights away from Edwards, she would also have to do so with Edwards, parents, Larry and Jen.

Are Ryan Edwards' parents enabling his alleged drug use?

During Maci Bookout's phone conversation with the counselor, the counselor said that judging by Bookout's explanation of the situation with Edwards, his parents seem like they are enabling his addiction.

As "Teen Mom OG" fans will recall, Bookout appeared to hint at such when she spoke of the people around Edwards not being on board with him seeking treatment.

Edwards was first accused of being addicted to drugs at the end of last year. At the time, Edwards was seen during an episode of "Teen Mom OG" appearing to be bug-eyed and distant as cameras rolled for the show.

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