Abby Lee Miller is seemingly enjoying her last days in public as reports told that theDance Moms star would be going to the jail real soon. It was revealed that the dance coach is currently having the time of her life as this could be her last days to experience full-blast freedom. Just recently, reports claimed that the said personality was spotted getting cozy and intimate with a mysterious guy at the Catch restaurant in West Hollywood.

"Dance Moms" star and her mysterious guy

As per Inquisitr, Abby Lee Miller intentionally left her date as she tries to show some love to her fans.

It was told that the dance coach is not stressing herself with what could happen in the future. As a Matter Of Fact, Miller’s daily routine kept her from remembering her one-year jail sentence. Also, she is seemingly happy with spending most of her time with the mystery guy.

Why is Catch sentimental for the dance coach?

Miller, during that time, was all dressed in black alongside her smile, which could be a great indicator that she was really interested with the person. Also, It was remembered that Catch has been one of the dance coach’s favorite places. Abby Lee was asked as she exited the swanky restaurant what she wanted for her last meal. It turns out that the former "Dance Moms" star is thinking about a much cheaper place to eat for her last meal.

“If I say Red Lobster coming out of Catch would that be bad?”

“I think the biscuits. The cheddar biscuits.”

Miller's great plan in the future revealed

For everyone’s information, Abby Lee Miller is currently facing a year and a day in prison. The said sentence is succeeded by a two-year supervised release. Not just that, the dance coach is also obliged to pay at least $40,000 in fines and $120,000 judgment.

All of these came in when Miller failed to report the $120,000 in Australian currency, which she brought in the US alongside her $755,000 income from her Lifetime series. She was then convicted of a crime relating to 20 counts of fraud last October 2015.

Some believed that Miller will stay in the jail for 10 months. As it was told, the said personality would like to spend most of her days behind bars learning the Spanish language and acting as if she is in a movie.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the upcoming installment of “Dance Moms” would be really different that the usual as the dance coach would be plainly absent from the show. With that, show’s fans are expecting that the sequel would be way greater and bigger than the past seasons.