"Teen Mom OG" fans had a front row seat for the May 22 episode that saw Maci Bookout receive some shocking news about her ex, Ryan Edwards.

Maci Bookout receives some disturbing news about her ex

Maci did not reveal too many details, but it is more than obvious she is worried about Ryan's drug use. And, though she doesn’t go into specifics, there has been some pretty serious speculation about Edwards' alleged drug use by all "Teen Mom OG" fans, who would just have to pay attention to Ryan's bizarre behavior to suspect that Ryan has clearly been high on the reality series.

Ryan Edwards booted from parents' home

Ryan was booted from his parents' home just a couple of months ago. It was never confirmed on the series why his parents finally kicked him out, but fans believe it was because they had just grown tired of his substance abuse issues.

Maci Bookout stated on the MTV reality series "Teen Mom OG" that she had just received info about Ryan Edwards, and some of his activities are clearly not good.

“I'm not going to go into specifics. It's scary stuff, like really scary stuff. I can't go into details because then people are going to say ‘oh, he's doing drugs.’ I did not know the severity of what is going on.” Edwards has denied using drugs, as least he did a few weeks ago when a celebrity news reporter straight up asked the 28-year-old about the speculation.

Maci, though not talking directly abut the information she received from her ex (and son Bentley's father), however, hinted that she wants Ryan to be healthy and normal.

During the May 22 episode of "Teen Mom OG" fans tweeted their concerns and comments about Ryan's alleged drug use, with many tweeting that it has been clear all along that Ryan Edwards has a problem.

One social media user claimed that it has been obvious that Ryan has been using since season three, and was not really clear on how Maci Bookout could not have known. At this time there have been no comments from either the Bookout or Edwards families. One thing is very clear to most, though: Maci Bookout needs to address whatever issues Ryan Edwards is dealing with to assure her son's safety.

The next episode of "Teen Mom OG" will surely be interesting. If it turns out that Ryan is really abusing drugs, hopefully he can be pressured to get help before things really hit a bad and dangerous point. Many fans hope that Maci is at least looking into the situation for the sake of her son and his safety.

How should Maci Bookout handle Ryan Edwards' situation?