Did Maci Bookout and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, fake scenes for Teen Mom OG? During the show's premiere episode on Monday, Bookout was seen taking a pregnancy test with McKinney after claiming she had put on a few added pounds.

During the premiere, Bookout and McKinney were seen sitting in bed when Bookout brought up the issue of her recent weight gain and claimed to be searching online for a new gym. While she searched, McKinney brought up the possibility of a pregnancy and Bookout went to take a pregnancy test -- which she just so happened to have handy.

A Maci Bookout interview proves she didn't find out she was pregnant at home

Although the premiere episode scene led viewers to believe that Maci Bookout was in the dark about her pregnancy up until that point, the network seemingly failed to realize that Bookout had already informed Us Weekly that she had discovered her pregnancy during a doctor's visit in January. In February, Bookout spoke to the magazine about the news of her pregnancy, claiming she was speechless when her doctor informed her that she and McKinney would be having another child.

"I was at the doctor, ironically, to get my birth control prescription refilled!" Bookout said of the moment she discovered she would be having her third child.

"I laughed at her! I mean, she's the doctor that delivered Jayde, so I was like, 'Ha ha, that's a funny joke!'"

Fans aren't happy about Maci Bookout's alleged fakery

In addition to Maci Bookout's interview with Us Weekly magazine, fans on Twitter weren't convinced that Monday night's scene was factual and took to the social media platform to air their grievances.

On August 24, Radar Online shared a couple of their comments.

"I love Maci, but she is so noticeably pregnant at her engagement shoot," one fan wrote. Another added, "I'd also like to say you knew about the baby."

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