as The show "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is an American sitcom known largely for its tickling drama and talented cast, and we’re about to dissect and break down how it all began.

The curry behind the show’s name

The show, which was originally titled "It’s always Sunny" on TV, inspired debate among fans over the cost to produce the pilot episode. The first episode which aired on the 4th of August 2005 titled “The Gang gets racist” is speculated not to be the planned pilot episode for the renowned television sitcom. Episode 4 of season 1 which was titled “Charlie has Cancer” seems to have been the original pilot for this twelve season extravaganza as the It's Always fan site pointed out recently in order to prove their theory about the original pilot episode for the show.

The show was renamed to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” after popular network FX picked it. The show had its storyline originally based in Hollywood, but later went on to be based around Philadelphia, thanks to FX networks. The various upsides of this also led to better funding for the production of further episodes. However, the original cost of production of the pilot episodes is estimated to be in between $85 to $200. What seems to have been the footage gathered by the gang for the original pilot of the series then went on to be used for Episode 4.

The Pilot isn’t the Pilot, really

There seem to be more videos to prove the fact that “Charlie has Cancer” was indeed supposed to be the first episode of the sitcom.

One such video which is titled - “Mac Meets Carmen | Pilot (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)”, has footage which was again used in episode 4 of the series. And there is yet another such video, titled - “The Early Days of Sunny | Pilot/Season 1 Feature” which has Charlie Day giving us insight on how it all began and what led to the show being what it is as we know it today.

There is no doubt that over a period of twelve whopping seasons, Charlie, Dennis, Mac, Dee and Frank have grown as characters and individuals, which undoubtedly and clearly translates into how the show has evolved. It is needless to mention that the gang and its inextinguishable conviction has led to the creation of an incredible sitcom, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

We, along with the fanatics are eagerly looking forward to the new season, and we couldn’t be any more excited about any shred of news regarding the air dates that might come our way in the days to come.