The Queens are back for season 9 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ reunion and it was everything! Season 9 is reaching its climatic ending this week with the finale crowning the ninth queen.

‘This isn’t RuPaul’s best friends race’

Now a famously used quote from season 4’s Lashauwn Beyond. It certainly looked like everyone was getting along. Each contestant apologized for a comment being taken out of context. Previous seasons have seen queens rehash out arguments again and again. The reunion, however, took a complete 360-degreeU turn and is now one of the most explosive reunion episodes.

Season 9 has been slightly criticized for being one of the least dramatic with less catty scenes being featured than previous seasons. It did, however, provide us with one of the most infamous and controversial lip sync’s which saw favorite Valentina sent home. During the lip sync refusing to remove her lace front mask concealing her mouth. Rupaul sounded from the judging panel "It’s a lip-sync. What part of that do you not understand?” it was revealed she, in fact, did not know the words.

Most of the drama was centered around Valentina criticized for not standing up for other queens after fans sent abuse after her shock exit. Alexis Michelle who won the lip sync emotionally told Valentina “You never told them [to stop].

I called you. I FaceTimed you in tears because of people telling me I should go kill myself because I’m so ugly and so fat, and I should have volunteered to eliminate myself over your elimination.”

Miss Congeniality/ Fan Favorite

Aja’s facial expressions throughout the show represented all of us watching along.More drama came after Farrah Moan emotions got the better of her (again) stating Valentina hadn’t spoken to her in months.

After being crowned Miss Congeniality midway through her acceptance speech Aja burst out “Are you kidding me?!” the other queens agreed that the vote was the fans favorite and later renamed the title fans favorite. Credit to Valentina for maintaining a pretty face and grimacing smile, deep down she was probably ready to kill.

After the show, social media exploded with the shock of how the queens came for one another. The result of this led Valentina telling her fans to stop the abuse and to leave a rose flower emoji in the Queens comment sections on social media.

The dust has only just settled between the queens, but be sure for some of the flames to restart as the grand finale airs. The final four: Peppermint, Sasha Velour, Trinity Tuck and Shea Coulee were told during the reunion that for the first time in Drag Race history there will be a live Lip-sync battle to the death! Tune in June 23rd on 8/7c on VH1, it’s set to be explosive!