Kit Harington and Rose Leslie recently confirmed that they have arrived at another milestone in their relationship as they have decided to move in together. Their recent relationship milestone has garnered a lot of engagement and wedding rumors, and the fans are already expecting a big announcement anytime soon.This has made the fans on the lookout for possible engagement signs whenever Kit Harington and Rose Leslie goes out in public. The couple was recently seen together at the Glastonbury Festival, and according to Refinery 29, they looked so cute together and can even be mistaken as just a regular couple who goes to music festivals for a date.

Low key couple

Despite being celebrities, the "Game of Thrones" real life couple are known to be very private people, which makes sense why they are considered to be one of the most low-key celebrity couples. Over the weekend, they were spotted attending the Glastonbury Festival together dressed in simple outfits, perhaps in an effort to blend in with the crowd.

According to Elle, even though Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tried to blend in with the Glastonbury crowd, it was hard not to notice the "Game Of Thrones" stars as they danced up a storm, took selfies together and danced on each other's shoulders. Their genuine happiness as a couple has made the fans more hyped up for their future wedding.

The beginning of their happy ending

While Kit Harington and Rose Leslie wedding details are still very vague, their fans have always been expressive of their support for their future marriage. One of the reasons why their relationship is considered to be one of the cutest and most romantic celebrity love stories is because of how the 30-year old actor has laid out the beginning of their love story.

In an interview with L'Uomo Vogue in 2016, Harington made the girls swoon when he admitted that he fell in love with his "Game Of Thrones" co-star when they were filming in Iceland for three weeks. According to him, the three weeks that he spent filming with Rose Leslie, who played the role of Ygritte, was purely magical. The beautiful country, the Northern lights and playing the role of Ygritte's lover was reportedly the turning point of his emotions, making him realize that he had already fallen in love with Rose Leslie.

On another note, Kit Harington will be flying to Italy in July to be honored at the Italy Giffoni International Film Festival. It's not yet revealed if he will be taking Rose Leslie with him to Italy, but if ever they'll go together, fans are hoping that the "GOT" actress will be wearing a ring on her finger upon returning.