With "Bachelor in Paradise" being under the spotlight for an alleged misconduct on set, Warner Bros., after an investigation, declared that they have found no misconduct on the program and among its producers. That said, DeMario Jackson is finally speaking up to share his side of what happened on the night of June 4. In an exclusive interview with E! News, the outcast recalled what took place, how it started, and how things got out of hand.

'One of the wildest nights of my life'

The 30-year-old bartender said he and Corinne immediately found a connection after hanging out with her at the bar where other cast mates were also drinking that night.

He shared that they were talking about being branded as the villains for their participation in "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," and joked about dominating the latest competition.

DeMario said they were laughing about anything like real friends when the atmosphere became steamy after a few more drinks. He added Corinne got into his arms which started the intimacy between them. The male outcast went on and said he was even surprised when the other party reportedly wrapped her legs around him. He, however, thinks that no man would ever turn down a beautiful woman like Corinne.

Unlike earlier reports claiming that the female contestant was limp when the sexual interaction happened, the male outcast did not think his cast mate was drunk when she suggested that they should hang out in the pool.

DeMario is also certain that the cameras were following them when they left the bar to hang out in the pool where things got out of hand.

Who made the first move?

The "Bachelorette" outcast said the sexual act involved "kissing, rubbing, touching" before they took off their clothes. DeMario even claimed that Corinne reportedly suggested the oral sex.

The following day, the male "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant said everything was fine between him and Corinne. He even gave her a hug and guaranteed that the female cast mate was not mad after the encounter.

Three days later, a producer reportedly asked him to leave the show without giving him an explanation. It, however, warned DeMario that staying on the show won't do him any good.

Right after that, the whole "Bachelor in Paradise" team was sent home while the program and its producers were investigated on allegations of misconduct.

"Bachelor in Paradise" has secured a summer premiere after the show was cleared of any anomaly, but DeMario thinks it is best for him to leave the program and focus on himself for now.

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