Kit Harington and Rose Leslie played on-screen lovers in "Game of Thrones" and while their on-screen love story didn't last in the series, it seems like they are in for the long haul in real life. Amid perennially getting romantically linked to fellow "GOT" star, Emilia Clarke, the "Pompeii" actor is reportedly very much in love with "The Last Witch Hunter" actress. In fact, the couple recently celebrated a big milestone in their relationship by moving in one house together. This bold move by the couple had the fans wondering if wedding bells will be ringing soon, specifically, before the year ends.

In a recent interview, the "Spooks: The Greater Good" actor revealed that he made sure to make the "Morgan" actress comfortable in his home, the home that they would be sharing together. The 30-year old actor then joked that among all the possible changes and additions that Rose Leslie could have suggested, she chose to propose to move the kitchen downstairs.

Living together but not engaged?

The couple's joint decision to move in together has sparked a lot of engagement and wedding rumors among the fans. In fact, it seems like fellow celebrities are wondering whether the couple is engaged or getting married soon. Such is the case of Nicole Kidman, who happened to guest with Kit Harington on the "Late Late Show." The "Big Little Lies" actress charmingly asked the "Game Of Thrones" actor if he and Rose Leslie are planning to get married soon.

The "Testament Of Youth" actor seemed to have been taken aback by Nicole Kidman's question and the latter clarified that it was pretty normal for people to ask about that kind of thing considering that they have recently made a big move as a couple. The "Seventh Son" actor then coyly answered that he and Rose Leslie are taking their relationship step by step.

Moving in to shush third party rumors?

With no clear engagement or wedding details in sight, some fans have begun to theorize that perhaps Kit Harington and Rose Leslie decided to move in together to shush the rumors that the former is dating Emilia Clarke. Ever since the early days of "Game Of Thrones," Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke dating news were already very rampant.

However, the two "GOT" stars have constantly denied the dating rumors and with Rose Leslie entering the scene, fans who were shipping Daenerys and Jon Snow had their candle blown out. As of writing, details for Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's engagement or wedding have yet to be revealed.