Katy Perry is reportedly ready to let go of the feud between her and singer, Taylor Swift. In one of her interviews, Perry decided to apologize and to put their conflict behind. On her statement, she added, "I am ready to let it go. I forgive her, and I am sorry for anything."

Perry also revealed that she loves Swift being her friend and will always want the best for her. Despite the fact that she doesn't agree with everything that Swift does, but Perry is happy that both of them are models of strong women who happened to recognize their own differences.

Perry explains her side

Over the past weeks, Perry and Swift made headlines following their feud that goes all the way since 2014.

To recall, Perry was accused by Swift that she has stolen her back up dancers intentionally. However, she refused the allegations and said that she didn't do it.

In one of the emotional moments of her show, "Katy's Witness World Live," she opened up something like she never did before. In between the light and funny moments, the "Wrecking Ball" singer started to get serious and opened up about their conflict.

She became teary-eyed when she talked about having a feud over a pop singer persona. However, the singer has finally thrown up the grudges and is finally ready to let go of their misunderstanding.

'Wrecking Ball' singer sings 'Let it go'

With her recent statement following her apology to Swift, Perry followed up her apology as she sings the song "Let it Go," from the famous Disney film "Frozen." She took a video and posted it on her social media account.

Further, she believed that there are lots of things out there that they both need to focus on. Perry added, "God bless her on her journey. God bless her. Honestly."

Meanwhile, Swift hasn't made any comments yet regarding the recent interviews that Perry did. To recall, the brunette singer has kept her self away from the spotlight for a couple of months.

Nonetheless, she was spotted a lot of times as she spent time with her new boyfriend, Alwyn.

Over the years of feud, fans are definitely happy for what Perry did. These two powerhouse singers would accomplish a lot together if they got back working with each other. Meanwhile, Swift has also made some news recently with the announcement that her music is back on the streaming service.

Right now, Swift hasn't shared her words yet whether she'll accept Perry's apology or not. However, fans still look forward that the two will finally end their conflict.

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