Katty Perry has announced that she would soon launch a mermaid-inspired makeup Line.

Following the release of her new music collection and footwear, this beautiful female celebrity said that she is going to impress her fans with a new makeup collection. Katy has collaborated with 'CoverGirl' for this new line of makeup. This “Chained to the Rhythm” singer seems to be excited about her new project. Perry is already the face of the beauty brand, "CoverGirl," and has appeared in its several TV commercials. "In the next evolution of my Katy Kat line with "CoverGirl," I would come up with something nice and outstanding for my fans.

I am quite impressed by CoverGirl’s unique range of beauty products, and this is from where I got an idea to introduce my own makeup products,” Katy Perry said in an interview.

What’s so special in Katy Kat line?

When asked that why her beauty brand would be the best and how she is going to promote it, Katy said that there would be a range of cheerful colors, and she would never compromise on quality. "The brand’s products would be launched in a whole new range of shades. From peachy Apricot to a shocking pink, and from red and golden shimmery highlighters to a pop of Whispurr white and Purmaid green – everything would be introduced under Katy Kat line,” Perry says. “If you love classic shades and want to enhance your beauty, Katy Kat line has everything for you.

For example, I use so much glitter on the black eyeliners, and this is what I didn’t forget to include in my line,” she added.

'CoverGirl' promotes Katy’s brand

Perry reveals that currently the line is limited to four new eyeliners, four lipsticks, and two shadow-and-highlighter duos, but soon there would be a lot more products.

"CoverGirl" has begun the promotion of Katy’s beauty products. The 32-year-old lovely lady made an appearance at the Grammys the previous month, wearing a lightweight dress. She used makeup of the same brand. Her eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick – all belonged to Katy Kat line. Perry is a sensational beauty. She expects that this line would win the hearts of her fans all over the world.