ABC has temporarily suspended the production of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 following an allegation of misconduct of some stars on the set. In one of the statements from Warner Bros., they revealed that they are suspending the production and further investigations will be made after they received some allegations. Further, they added that once the inquiry will be completed, then they will take the necessary actions whether or not to continue the series production.

Release date to be halted?

It is known that "Bachelor in Paradise" had begun filming in Mexico.

Apparently, the show is supposed to be aired this August 8. However, it looks as if the future of the show is becoming uncertain. Most of the contestants have reached the bar which caused the production to be stopped.

The production company had opened up about making some investigations which hinted that there might be some serious problems within the series production; Meanwhile, the news seems to make a lot of fans upset since the suspension will also cause the delay of its airing.

Further, the production team has revealed that appropriate and responsive action will be made when proven that certain misconducts really happened on the set. In addition, the production suspension also opens up the possibility that the entire season will be canceled.

Nonetheless, fans are still hoping for further details to be announced that the series will continue.

Season 4 casts

Before its suspension news, "Bachelor in Paradise" already introduced the official contestants who will try to win Nick Viall's, heart. This season, the series will have 16 bachelors and bachelorette suitors. One of the participants on the show is DeMario Jackson.

He is also known to be part of "The Bachelorette" current season and had been competing to win over Rachel Lindsay's heart.

Further, other bachelors will also include Raven Gates, Robby Hyes, and Corinne Olympus. Meanwhile, the series will also reunite some of its old casts with the hope that they will find their love this season.

Apparently, ABC had announced the first round of contestants last week.

It was known that there were two runner-ups from the past season and two more returning "Bachelor in Paradise" stars. Further, ABC also hinted that there would be four villains who will grace the series. Since the original casts had been announced, viewers are still hoping that its production will resume anytime soon.