If the father of fired FBI Director James Comey said that President Donald trump belongs to an institution after he called Comey a “nutcase,” will the former boyfriend of actress Salma Hayek seek for the president to be registered as a sex offender like Anthony Weiner?

Before he became president, Trump was the subject of complaints by a big number of women who accused the real estate billionaire of groping their behinds or sexual harassment. One woman, he tried to make an advance, shared her experience with “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, the New York Daily News reported.

The audience laughed and cheered when Hayek told Noah that fortunately, Trump did not come and attempt to grab her behind.

Hotel invitation

The Mexican actress, the 50-year-old star of “Beatriz at Dinner,” recalled she met Trump at an event which she attended with a former boyfriend whom she did not identify. “The Apprentice” host tried to charm his way with the couple by first offering his coat to Hayek who was chilly. He then tried to befriend her boyfriend.

Trump told the couple if they happen to be in New York, to stay in his hotel in Atlantic City. He asked for the phone number of the actress and called her several times to invite her to a date. Hayek reminded the billionaire she had a boyfriend and told Trump he is crazy for asking her out.

The billionaire told the actress her boyfriend was not even good enough for Hayek. He said her boyfriend is not even important and Trump even boasted that her lover is not “big enough” for Hayek. Like Comey and other officials whom he fired after they crossed him, Trump got even with the actress. After Hayek turned down his advances, Trump reportedly called the National Enquirer and leaked a story about her.

He also mocked her 5’ 2” height.

Melania’s influence on her husband

Hayek, who disagreed with the president’s immigration policies, said in April that she wished that Melania, the first lady, will exert a bigger influence on her wayward husband. She actually did twice while they were in Rome and Tel-Avid by swatting or pulling away from the hand that allegedly loves to grope women.

However, since she and son Barron were living in the Trump Tower in New York at that time, she only got to have more interaction with him whenever they meet during the weekend at the Mar-a-Lago resort. NBC News, however, reported on Sunday that the FLOTUS and Barron had finally moved to Washington DC since the 11-year-old just finished the academic year.