Chris Jericho is finished with his most recent run in the WWE. Jericho has gone on record on both his own podcast, "Talk is Jericho," and in interviews saying that this run was the favorite of his career. Jericho spent much of the run as a heel, working with Kevin Owens, before finishing as a face battling Owens after "WrestleMania 33."

Jericho appeared on a radio station recently in Atlanta and talked about his band Fozzy, who is out on tour right now, as well as about the WWE. When asked about his most recent run, Chris Jericho had some interesting revelations about some of the things that made him so popular this time around - "The List" and the line "stupid idiot."

"The List"

Of course, The List is something that Chris Jericho would carry around with him at all times in the WWE.

It was a notebook concealed in a hard case. Jericho would then write the name of anyone who annoyed him in it and tell them, "you made the list!" According to Jericho, the idea for the list started with a writer on "Monday Night Raw" named Jimmy Jacobs.

For fans who don't know Jimmy Jacobs, he was a huge star on the independent scene before the WWE hired him. His biggest success came in Ring of Honor where he was part of two of the biggest factions in the company's history. The first was one Jacobs led called The Age of the Fall and it also included Seth Rollins. The second faction was S.C.U.M. which was led by Kevin Owens.

Needless to say, Jimmy Jacobs has a ton of experience and Chris Jericho credits him completely with The List.

Jacobs suggested it to Chris, who thought it was funny and ran with it. He said that he was going to use it as a weapon but instead just used it to get over with the fans, saying The List was more over than even he is.

"Stupid Idiot"

In the WWE, catch phrases are extremely important. Fans love to chant along with the superstars and it helped everyone from Stone Cold Steve Austin ("That's the bottom line") and The Rock ("If you smell what The Rock is cookin") to The Undertaker ("rest in peace") and Triple H ("suck it").

However, with those huge catch phrases, "stupid idiot" seems like one that might not get over.

However, Chris Jericho got that exact catch phrase over with the fans during this last run, calling everyone that from fans to other wrestlers. Jericho said that Vince McMahon even told him that only Chris could get over a phrase like "stupid idiot" with the fans. Jericho said the fans originally booed him for saying it and now they chant it.