Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have been on again and off again, but they do have two children together. It looks like these two are finally over, but they have to try and get along for the sake of the kids. Now Daily Mail is sharing that during the big "Southern Charm" reunion show Kathryn will accuse Thomas Ravenel of trying to get her to have an abortion both times that she was pregnant. Obviously, she didn't listen because they have two children together.

What did Kathryn say that Thomas said to her?

During what looks like a really emotional scene, Kathryn Dennis will say that Thomas wanted her to have an abortion.

She will then lean over to Craig and whisper saying, "He told me to have one, both times." This all goes down whenever Thomas is talking nice about Jennifer and the fact that she chose to have her baby even though she had a very difficult pregnancy with her child. Thomas is raving about Jennifer, but Kathryn wants to make sure and point out that everything he says may not be as it seems.

What gets this big argument going?

This conversation is going to happen when Kathryn Dennis accuses Jennifer Snowden of taking Thomas' side of after their split. These two girls used to be really good friends, but that isn't the case anymore at all. Kathryn will tell Jennifer, "You saw me go through so much with him. It was almost like it just was erased, because she valued his friendship more than mine, in the sense of social stuff." Jennifer will object saying that isn't true at all.

Jennifer was actually urged to have an abortion during her pregnancy, but she pushed through it all. Now her son Ascher - who is now doing better than expected. It sounds like she made the right choice.

Kathryn Dennis will even end up accusing Jennifer Snowden of lying about her under oath during part of her custody battle with Thomas over their two children.

Of course, Jennifer will deny that this ever happened. It doesn't look like there is any way that this friendship will ever be mended. They just have too many issues going on between them.

Are you shocked to hear that Thomas Ravenel allegedly tried to talk Kathryn Dennis into having an abortion? Do you think he will admit to it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Southern Charm" on Bravo on Monday nights.

It is now time for the big "Southern Charm" reunion, which will also mean a lot of drama as usual. You never know who will end up arguing on these shows.

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