Kathryn Dennis reunited with daughter Kensington and son Saint Julien last weekend but according to a new report, no changes have been made to the "Southern Charm" star's current custody agreement with Thomas Ravenel.

According to a report by All About the Tea on May 30, Dennis shared photos of herself and her children on Instagram over the weekend and right away, rumors began to swirl in regard to Dennis possibly having regained custody of the kids. However, as the outlet revealed, that is not at all the case. Instead, the agreement between Dennis and her former boyfriend remains the same.

Thomas Ravenel allowed Kathryn Dennis to see their kids briefly

As for why Kathryn Dennis was allowed to see her kids after reportedly losing visitation rights months ago, All About the Tea revealed that a mediator on their case suggested Dennis be allowed to spend some time with Kensington and Saint Julien -- and Ravenel agreed. As their insider explained, Ravenel is currently in good standings with the court and because he intends to keep things that way, he reluctantly allowed the children to reunite with their mother.

Dennis and Ravenel began dating during the first season of "Southern Charm" and welcomed their first daughter a short time later. Then, after briefly splitting after Kensington's birth, the couple got back together and welcomed a son, Saint Julien, in the months that followed.

Kathryn Dennis is accused of using drugs

According to All About the Tea, Dennis lost visitation rights to her children after she allegedly failed a drug test in March. While the reality star hasn't ever admitted to abusing drugs or failing drugs tests, rumors have been swirling both on "Southern Charm" and off.

As rumors continue to swirl in regard to Dennis' alleged drug use, the insider insists that the custody agreement between the former couple remains the same and is expected to stay the same until the ex-pair reunited in court in September of this year.

Kathryn Dennis' visit with her kids was supervised

While Dennis' social media postings over the weekend may have made it seem as if the reality star was able to freely spend time with her kids, the visit actually took place at her grandfather's condo in South Carolina, and was completely supervised.

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