The rumors have been flying that Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel are more than just friends. These two get along great, and now Landon is speaking out and sharing if they are really dating or not. She has been single for a bit, and Thomas split from Kathryn Dennis a while ago. It doesn't look like those two will ever be working out their issues. Landon told ET the truth about them and what is going on.

Landon reveals all about their relationship

Landon says that they are not dating and it doesn't look like it will ever go there if it is up to her.

She went on to explain saying, "Thomas and I are really good friends. I've known him forever-ever. He is just more like a family member, an uncle or a cousin or something. We've never crossed those lines and we never will." Thomas Ravenel has made it sound like he would consider dating her, but it doesn't sound like Landon likes the idea. She doesn't see him that way at all, and honestly, it doesn't sound like anything will change her mind either.

Another thing that Landon Clements shared was that she feels like Thomas Ravenel is too old for her. Even though she is getting older so is he, and she just doesn't think that makes them a good match. He is over ten years older than her.

Landon Clements also shared a really small spoiler about this season of the show.

She said that Patricia Altschul was the one who made Thomas think that he was in love with Landon. They had a dinner party where it came up, and Patricia thought that was the case. You will get to see it on the show, and Landon admits that she had a bit too much to drink that night. That is going to make her probably be a bit more open than expected.

Right now, Landon Clements is really focused on work and her new blog. It doesn't look like finding love is where her mind is, but she instead wants to get her career going. Landon says that she really does want to be in love before she thinks about marriage. She has to find that perfect guy, and it just isn't happening for her yet.

She was with her ex for seven years, but has moved on since then and just hasn't found the perfect guy.

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